ISSN (O) : 2584-1378

  • Title : Axis Juris International Journal
  • ISSN (O) : 2584-1378
  • Year of Starting : September 2023
  • Discipline: Law
  • Frequency of Publication: Quarterly ( 4 issues per year )
  • Language: English
  • Format of Publication: Online
  • Plagiarism software: Turnitin and other for double verification
  • Review procedure: Double Blind Peer Review Procedure
  • Publisher: Mr. Swahnik Mondal
  • Publishing body: Axis Juris International Journal
  • Editor-in-chief: Mr. Mohd Ahmar Afaq Afaq
  • Copyright : Axis Juris International Journal
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number: +91 7602207751

Axis Juris International Journal aims to provide an open-access platform where anybody may contribute their research and help to create a reliable platform that anyone can use to increase their knowledge and expertise. The Axis Juris International Journal is an online publication that strives to stand out from the competition in the fields of research, writing, and article creation.

Here at Axis Juris International Journal, legal analysis investigates about the exceptional and goes beyond the commonplace. Our goal is to push the boundaries of established legal doctrine, delve deeper into the nuances of the law, and clarify its complexity in order to offer a fresh viewpoint.

Axis Juris International Journal is not your normal legal journal. We think that the law is a living, breathing force that shapes our society, not merely a series of rules. In light of this conviction, we provide a riveting and engaging platform that goes beyond summaries and cursory analyses.

Enter a universe where the study of law comes to life. You will go on an intellectual exploratory voyage with the help of our team of outstanding legal academics, practitioners, and practitioners. We explore ground-breaking legal ideas, look at famous cases from new perspectives, and offer sage comments on new legal developments.

But we go further than that. We value interaction here at Axis Juris International Journal. Join our lively community of legal enthusiasts for stimulating discussions where ideas are exchanged openly and different viewpoints are presented. Our platform promotes lively discussions, making sure that the sharing of information is not limited to the pages of our publication.

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