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As far as this page of Axis Juris International Journal is concerned, it defines the term & conditions under which a visitor may visit this website that is ( Kindly read all the terms & conditions carefully and if do not wish to accept the terms and conditions defined on this page, we would request the visitors to not use this website.

We the Axis Juris International Journal team reserve the right to alter, amend or update the terms and conditions whenever required. Kindly time to time visit the page in order to keep yourself updated.

The term and conditions will be legally binding.

As far as Journal’s logo, brand name, signature, etc Is concerned, all logos, brand name, signature, etc are the property of Axis Juris International Journal ( either some are owned or used under license).

The use of any of their properties or any content of the website without prior permission of the owner is strictly prohibited.

No visitors or users possess the liability, right to modify, sell or display the content of the website publicly and use the contents of the website for any means of commercial purpose without prior written or legal approval by the body (Axis Juris International Journal) accompanied by the signature of either Editor in chief or Publisher of the Axis Juris International Journal.

Visitors or users are strictly restricted from destroying or attempting to breach the security of the website.

In no any way, an individual has any right to intervene or access the server or account of the website or anything which concerns the website which is not authorized to access.

Anyone found guilty of sending illegal emails, uploading malware, Trojan horses, or other viruses, violating the security of our servers, accounts, websites, or trying to crash our website faces civil and possibly criminal penalties.

Consequently, the journal or its associated entities will have the right to inquest such subject matter/ issue.

Any damage done to our website, goodwill, or any other form of loss would result in the person responsible being held fully responsible for bearing the repercussions and covering all damages done to this publication, which is Axis Juris International Journal.

The visitors must have to cautious to avoid any liability.

As far as liability of the Journal is concerned, the journal (Axis Juris International Journal) shall not be liable/ accountable/ legally responsible for any damages that take place from interruption, suspension, or termination of service of our journal whether such suspension and termination are justified or not.

Under any circumstances, the journal (Axis Juris International Journal) will not be liable for any damages, including incidental and consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of data, information or operational interruption.

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